L’Association des Amis du Château de Grandson

Association for the Friends of Château de Grandson

The Association for the Friends of Château de Grandson was established in 1981 with the goal of organizing activities and promoting the Château to guarantee access to the general public.

Since 1999, the Association organizes the annual Medieval Festival at the Château de Grandson, which has become a very popular event with over 7'000 visitors over the weekend.

From 1999 to 2003, the European Challenge strategy games were held at the Château, bringing together participants from ten European countries.

An evening "Roaring 20's" saw the day in 2002 and the popular St. Valentine's Day Dinner was initiated in 2006 honoring the Othon III of Grandson, famous for his poems.

The Association also supports several concerts and theatrical performances held at the Chateau de Grandson. Various exhibitions were also set up in recent years.

All of these events are made possible thanks to the invaluable help of the Association, chaired by Mr. Etienne Borel, and its many loyal volunteers.

Currently the association counts on the support of approximately 1,000 members and 130 volunteers who work graciously each year at various events at the Château de Grandson.