Vintage Automobile Museum

Vintage Automobile Museum

The Vintage Automobile Museum is currently undergoing transformation. 12 of the 17 cars in the collection are on display. The five other cars including the white Rolls Royce and the car that belonged to Winston Churchill are being restored. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Do you know why there is a museum of vintage cars at the Château de Grandson? Here is the history of the museum:

Georges Filipinetti, an industrialist and car enthusiast from Geneva, and his wife, Marthe Valentine Armleder, acquired Grandson castle from the de Blonay family in 1956. Subsequently, parts were opened to the general public.

1960 saw the opening of the Vintage Automobile Museum in the very large hall on the ground floor. Mr. Filipinetti had his own Scuderia (racing car stable), where amongst others, Jo Siffert piloted.

At the time, racing cars by Bugatti, Ferrari, Lotus, were on view all the way down to the Châtelet, where today the Coffee Bar is located. Franco Sbarro, the well-known inventor and designer, was at that time the chief mechanic.

After the demise of Georges Filipinetti in 1973, his son Jean-Pierre was forced to sell all the racing cars.

In 1983, the Foundation du Château de Grandson acquired the remaining cars from Jean-Pierre Filipinetti.

And in 2004, the Foundation du Château de Grandson sold the collection to the owner of the castle, the Foundation for Art, Culture and History, based in Winterthur.

Vintage Automobile Museum