Château de Grandson

A unique, medieval atmosphere waiting to be discovered!

Overlooking the Lake of Neuchâtel, this médieval fortress (11th-14th c.) houses an exceptional collection of arms and armour, models of castles and battles, and a historical museum with a section devoted to the Burgundy Wars.

The fortress at Grandson witnessed the battle between the troops of Charles the Bold and those of the Confederates. Among the many collections and exhibits, you will also find the vintage automobile museum, home to the infamous 1927 Rolls Royce Phantom I and Winston Churchill’s Austin "Cambridge Saloon".

Not to be missed!

Take a stroll along the 150 meter walkway around the battlements and for the more brave among us, visit the torture chamber and the dungeon...

Within the walls of the fortress you will find a coffee-bar where drinks and snacks are also served, as well as the terrace overlooking the lake and the Gift Shop offering souvenirs, books and postcards.