Work in progress at Château de Grandson

Since the beginning of 2013 the scaffolding, that had covered the entire face of the castle, has been dismantled. The beautifully conserved and restored wall offers a splendid sight!

Under the guidance of the Commission de Construction, the concept of conservation is under way and will be carried out in two phases. Elaborating a very detailed review of the present state formed the basis for this project.

  • The first phase, from 2012-2014, will concentrate on restoration and further safety measures, mainly on the exterior, to assure the visitor a good experience.
  • During the second phase, from 2013-2018, ameliorations in the interior will be carried out. Installation of an elevator through the six floors, reception area for groups, enlargement of the exhibition surface on levels two, creation of an appropriate storage space for the works of art.

Urgent work undertaken in the first phase comprises:

  • Continued repair to all the roofs
  • Consolidation of loose masonry on the walls
  • Repair to the sewage
  • Repair and amelioration of safety measures
  • Replacement of equipment, such as the central heating

The visitor’s path through this large monument will also be greatly improved, including the impressive walk on top of the battlement.

Electric installations, the elevator and the improved central heating will make the halls for the various events and dinners an even more memorable and pleasant experience.

The large, lower garden, which until recently was closed to the public, is now open, due to the lowering of the path along the wall for safety reasons.

Château de Grandson

This entire process is closely monitored by the Swiss Confederation (Federal Office of Culture), the Canton of Vaud (Monuments and Sites of Vaud) and the local authorities.

It is worth noting that without the financial support of many stakeholders, the health check and work on the monument would not have been possible. We would like to thank:

  • The Foundation for Art, Culture and History, Winterthur
  • Lottery Romande
  • The ECA
  • The Federal Office of Culture
  • Monuments and Sites of the Canton of Vaud

Château de Grandson

The works in progress, once completed, will add greatly to the attraction of Grandson Castle. We are of course open throughout this period and the visitor will not find himself hindered in any way. The various events also take place as usual.

With its unique location, overlooking the lake, its historic connection by the Sires de Grandson to France and Great Britain, its recently opened exhibition of crossbows, that is unrivalled, and a number of new didactic events, Grandson castle is a “must” among the historic monuments in Switzerland.