La Réserve du Château

Domaine de St-Agnan: La Réserve du Château

The domaine is located by the lakeside in the commune of Concise. Among the 20’000m2 of surface, 16’000m2 are oriented south on a slope of more than 30°.

At the base of this picturesque vineyard, a dry-stone wall of 180m long was built to offer a natural home to the lizards and salamanders that come to bask in the sunlight.

The vines have a density of 8’300 feet per hectare and are maintained with the greatest respect for nature. Pruning takes place in March and subsequent thinning is done entirely by hand. Harvest is usually in mid-August.

Pinot Noir - La Réserve du Château de Grandson
The vine is a pinot noir, which is ideally adapted to our region. The yield is about 35 hectolitres per hectar.

Characteristics: hint of red-coloured berries marked by a gentle taste of black cherry, remains long in the mouth, lightly charred, some tannin present.

Famille Dyens
Sur Montet
1426 Concise
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