La Saint-Valentin au Château de Grandson

Celebrate St. Valentine's Day at the Château de Grandson
February 14

Come experience the enticing magique of romance within the spectacular setting of the Private Appartments at the Château de Grandson for an evening you and your partner will never forget!

Every year, the Association des Amis du Château de Grandson have the pleasure of organzing for you a candle-lit evening filled with song and passion, a delicious dinner menu and fine wine for lovers of all ages.

And as history goes...

The tradition of the knightly troubadour was widespread in the 14th century. The quill often kept close company with the sword and Othon III of Grandson was well versed in both arts. He established the tradition of selecting a "dame of heart" on Saint Valentine’s Day – an early anticipation of spring, the awakening of nature and the rekindling of love.

Othon enjoyed toying with the idea of the noble and faithful devotion for one's true love and the rather spicier notion of the yearly pursuit for a new partner...

Organization: Association des Amis du Château de Grandson